What do you say if you have nothing to say?

You probably start with an introduction. Like: Hi, I’m Beth. I’m new to this and suffering from stage fright.

Nah. You don’t want to alienate your first audience. You want to come across as self-possessed and semi-intelligent. You want to give your audience the confidence to trust that what you are telling them will be useful, interesting, or entertaining. You want them to return here to read again.

So, a little about this person who calls herself a Renaissance Chick: I am writer, artist, and artisan.

Story telling is something I’ve done since forever. I remember telling stories as a small child, then when I learned to write, I’d write them down. Illustrating those stories, and just drawing because I could, started early as well. Crafting things came early also. I remember playing with clay, learning to embroider, making hollyhock dolls and mud pies.

In these pages I hope to discuss some of these endeavors, as well as others, and remark on how it all is what it is.



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16 responses to “What do you say if you have nothing to say?

  1. (Fingernails still tapping) Okay, maybe I need to give you a prod to get writing in her….hmmmm, let’s see….how about an article on your cats?
    Or an article on the perils of being Mrs. to Mayor?
    Or an article on something quirky that happened or about a quirky person?
    Or an article on your bucket list (have one yet?) or dreams you once had that will not be realized.
    Come on Beth! You can do it! You are so creative and talented!!

  2. Orice Klaas

    I can relate to the making of mud pies. Love the easy,whimsical spirit of your writing, Beth!

  3. (rose tappoing fingers on her office desk) Surely by now you have had some thoughts…on taxes??? On being the mayors wife?? On writing a book?? On the long-lasting rains?? On cats who are very independent??
    On pesky friends who bug you about posting on your blog?? :^)

  4. Elisabeth Miles

    Also knitting.

  5. Elisabeth Miles

    Dang it, Rose. I still can’t think of anything to say. I’m doing my income taxes and cleaning out boxes of junk and writing poetry and trying to revise the novel and creating brochures and drawing and designing jewelry and playing computer solitaire–oops. I mean, um…

  6. I am still waiting for more posts!

  7. Lisa Nowak

    Hey, Beth, welcome to the blogosphere! I never know what to write about, either.

  8. Hooray!!
    You bring a story, art, or jewelry to Chrysalis and I keep wondering how you garnered your wisdom, secret talents and wordly knowledge.

    I can’t wait to hear more stories from all the pieces of your life we’ve barely even heard about.

    Yummy! This is like settling in to read a good book.
    Keep them coming.

  9. Alice Lynn

    I can tell I’m going to enjoy reading your blog! I’m sure you’ll have some interesting, entertaining and informative material to share with us. 🙂

  10. Roxie

    Go Beth! How about a quick tutorial on how to make hollyhock dolls? I’ve never heard of them.

    And you could post a photo a day and keep me happy. Love your photos!

  11. YEA! I am looking forward to your posts! And you are definitely a renaissance woman in my eyes!
    think I am more of a hillbilly/hippie mix. LOL

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